Dauria Aerospace

Dauria Aerospace is one of the new providers of nano- and small-class satellites.

Communications Satellites

Our small, affordable Atom geosynchronous (GEO) communications satellites are the right-sized answer for the delivery of commercial satellite services with very low initial capital investments.

In addition, Dauria is a pioneer in low-cost small (HEO) Molnia-orbit communications satellites are currently under contract from Canadian customer.

Imaging Satellites

Dauria also is an early innovator in the development of unique spacecrafts designed to provide valuable Earth imagery with the innovative Perseus and Auriga series of microsatellites.

Science & Experimental Satellites

Dauria currently are establishing their position in nano and micro- class science and technology satellites that are used to perform scientific research, carry out deep space exploration, conduct remote sensing missions, and demonstrate new space technologies.

Space Technical Services

We provide cost-effective engineering, production and technical management expertise primarily for space-related science and commercial programs.

Ground Segment

As part of prime contracting approach, Dauria can offer customers a complete ground segment solution providing all the hardware and software necessary to operate, maintain, process and archive data.